146. The Next Layer w/ Dorian Bae

1 hour, 15 minutes

Released: September 20, 2021
Recorded: September 10, 2021



Dorian Bae is “The Picture of Class, with a Really Great Ass,” based within the Washington DC/Virginia area. An exciting blend of Edwardian occult sensibility and deeply nerdy references, Dorian has been entertaining for just shy of 9 years.  He and Viktor Devonne discuss the matte life, the Jan 6 insurrection in his backyard, finding love within the scene, hypermasc in burlesque, his transition and relationship with past on-stage identity, and continuing forward as a funny, sexy, kinky, ooky spooky star of the stage.

  • Instagram: @dorian_bae

– this episode was recorded on September 10, 2021 | call hook: Rex Halligan and Audrey Love (@rexhalligannyc / @theaudreylove)

– Hosted by Viktor Devonne, reigning Mr Hollywood Burlesque, and celebrating fifteen years in burlesque.  White Elephant Burlesque recently closed a five year residency in Manhattan, and continues to produce White Elephant Burlesque virtually. Visit weburlesque.com for details.

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