SHOWcase: Ghosts of Weimar Past feat. Artemisia LeFay

28 minutes

Released: March 10, 2022
Recorded: March 4, 2022


WEBurlesque: SHOWcase ep. 2 feat. Artemisia LeFay and GHOSTS OF WEIMAR PAST

Viktor Devonne sits with chanteuse-producer Artmesia LeFay to discuss the next incarnation of her original 4-person show Ghosts of Weimar Past, echoing the queer Berlin cabarets of the 1920s. This production features the Orchestra of the Depraved: Mary Spencer Knapp on accordion, Hannah Mount on piano, and Tiffany Weiss on violin, in addition to LeFay’s vocal prowess and original script interwoven with era-specific songs from composers from Spoliansky to Weill.

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SHOWcase: The Evil Among Us feat. Cherry Valentine

32 minutes

Released: February 24, 2022
Recorded: February 20, 2022


WEBurlesque: SHOWcase ep. 1 feat. Cherry Valentine and THE EVIL AMONG US

Viktor Devonne sits with first-time virtual producer Cherry Valentine to discuss her foray into high concept digital burlesque.  Cherry takes the roles of star, writer, and director of The Evil Among Us, premiering on March 6, 2022. This  original burlesque fairytale short film also features Betty Brash, Lady Slay, Curly Bright, Fatal Dreams, and Danny Fox-Trot as the denizens of this strange new world.

Cherry Valentine celebrates ten years in burlesque,  and has been seen across the country as a cast member of Cosplay Burlesque and White Elephant Burlesque productions.  She won the “Pop Culturalist” award in honor of her career of nerdlesque and fandom burlesque acts at the 2021 Silver Tusk Awards. 

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