Hey all, I am turning 39 this year and I’m throwing a party I want you all to come to. It’s going to feature some music, mirth, and mayhem to spare.

As is tradition, my birthday burlesque show is all about favorite things.

Previously, my birthday show has been all-Madonna, all-Broadway, and even all-improv where the artists swapped music! This time around, we are guaranteeing you a UNIQUE, ONETIME ever experience where these folks are performing digital acts to songs that have just narrowly missed my own repertoire.

Like a lot of burlesque folks, I have a lot of playlists of “maybe someday”s and this time out, I gave them AWAY to a select group of burlesque entertainers. Each person performing was assigned a song with one request: be awesome. I have no idea what they’re going to do, what direction they took, or even what they’re wearing.

The performers who took on this challenge are:

WEBurlesque first timers:
FAGGEDY RANDY, Chicago • MR. VALDEZColorado Springs

and the grand returns of:

PLUS a Special Appearance by Hollywood’s own LILI VON SCHTUPP!

Find out what of my almosts became their must-dos. Who knows, maybe they just stumbled on their new signature act.
Grab a spot at Viktor’s birthday show — pay what you can as low as a buck

SILVER TUSK AWARDS 2023!My birthday show is also a fundraiser for the Silver Tusk Awards 2023, which expenses include the Tusks themselves, shipping, the prize bags, and the entertainment booked for the show.THIS IMPENDING YEAR is going to be our biggest ever, as we are going international with THE SILVER TUSK AWARDS: WORLD DOMINATION. That’s right, every performer in the world is up for what I fondly call the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards of Burlesque. This November, the ballots go up, and you get to choose the nominees for such accolades as Shiningest StarThe (Up in) Smoke ShowAss Almighty, and Hilarious Hussy. You know, the serious stuff.

Support the Silver Tusk Awards by snatching a ticket to Viktor’s Birthday Show
Thank you for being a part of my 39 years, SIXTEEN of which have been as part of White Elephant Burlesque. What a rush.

See you soon.

xx Viktor

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