MusicThatMadeWE #26: Teasy Roosevelt

2 hours, 19 minutes  (audio only version)
2 hours, 40 minutes (Patreon exclusive version)

Released: July 23, 2022
Recorded: March 5, 2022

Hail to the chief of Americana nerdlesque, it’s Teasy Roosevelt out of upstate New York. Coming of their win for Fashion Geek 2022 at the Silver Tusk Awards, this Albany Pop Culture Provocateur walks us through the songs that were too much for the parents, just in time for the talent show, and led to a great career in nerdlesque. Hold onto your seats for up to the date Tony! Toni! Toné! updates. #godbreastamerica

The Music That Made WE is a creation of WEBurlesque Podcast Network, produced by Viktor Devonne.  

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Based in Albany, NY, Teasy Roosevelt produces A Guide to Titstory, a burlesque show focused on American historical figures and events along with being part of the Pop Culture Provocateurs, a nerdy troupe also based in the Capital District. At the beginning of 2022, Teasy won a Silver Tusk for Fashion Geek and has also been voted Best Burlesque in Albany in 2018.

“The Last Unicorn” by America
Teasy says: “I chose songs that sort of shaped me as the person I am today through childhood. My brother and I watched this movie consistently over and over again. We were allowed to rent a video on Friday nights for the weekend and we would go to the video store and my mom would be like look at these (other) videos and we would say ‘Nope! We want The Last Unicorn.’”

“Nowhere Man” by The Beatles
Teasy says: “Yellow Submarine was another VHS tape…The Yellow Submarine is perfect for kids because it has all those elements of weirdness, colors, flying things. The movie is ultimately bizarre and when I found out as an older millennial that The Beatles didn’t do the voices for the film it crushed my heart.”

Free Your Mind” by En Vogue
Teasy says: “When I first heard En Vogue I was in the car and we were driving to my aunt’s house and I was just enamored with their voices….it was very intense and just awesome for me to hear these women really sing.”

“The Right Stuff-” by New Kids On The Block
Teasy says: “If you were a young girl growing up (in the 80s) this was it. Obviously I don’t really identify as a young girl now….but they were the boy band of the day….everybody was obsessed with them, so I figured I probably should be too.”

“All That Jazz” from the 1997 Chicago cast recording featuring Bebe Neuwirth
Teasy says: “I love musicals. I’ll even listen to the bad ones. All That Jazz became my audition song when (my highschool’s musical theater show) was going to be a musical review…and the person who directed the musical was like ‘Okay…’ because it’s very suggestive…I fucking killed it and I remember my grandfather came to the show and he was so proud that I did this…it was really like a first burlesque act.”

“Basket Case” by Green Day
Teasy says: “This is when I started getting into my punk phase. My friend Crystal at one point gave me a mixtape of songs and on it were bands like Operation I’ve, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones. That mixtape definitely changed the trajectory of music I was listening to. She wrote on the mix tape ‘Listen to all the music.’ And I listened to every single track…Punk started to get popular when the mid 90’s hit and all these bands started to get famous and one of those was Green Day…Green Day was the first concert where I was loud and being myself and getting all my energy out.”

“Someday I Suppose” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Teasy says: “I became very obsessed with the band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. So obsessed that I basically followed them around the northeast…I ended up going to school in Boston and they were the Boston band. If you lived there and didn’t like them, there was something wrong with you…I love this song so much and I was so in love with them as a band.”

James Bond GoldenEye Theme from GoldenEye N64
Teasy says: “GoldenEye N64 was the game of the 90s. It’s so nostalgic for me and it brings my brother and I together. With a competitive spirit that would result in fistfights, but even now that’s the only game we will play together.  It was one of the first video games we were actually allowed to play that was a shoot ’em up. We very much bonded over this game. And I put it on here because it’s just a fun memory.”

“Come On Eileen” by Save Ferris
Teasy says: “An excellent group who I haven’t heard in awhile….the lead singer was definitely one of those people who could sing and had my voice style and listening to her when going on auditions made me admire that. I would listen to this while driving all the time….and the CD got worn out by being played so fucking much.”

“Tonight Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins
Teasy says: “They are the most cinematic band I can think of in my opinion. Their albums are always so strong…I wanted to end on a cinematic note and Tonight Tonight…everything about it is chef’s kiss. I don’t think I need to say anything else because the song just explains itself. It is a great song.”


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