152. Seedy Edie as The Ingenue and the Villain

Released: March 28, 2022
Recorded: February 17, 2022

1 hour, 26 minutes



“The titty show is deep, Viktor,” says Seedy Edie with a knowing smirk. This delightful creature of burlesque stages is a Vancouver native who found a home of blood and glamour in New York City during some of its most interesting times. From depicting Bettie Page on the Coney Island stage, dazzling at burlesque festivals and regional shows, crafting her art from the best of her theatrical training, and dancing behind Madonna in one of the most sensorially chaotic music videos, Seedy Edie is a wonder on the pod as she and Viktor discuss all those things plus more.  [recorded February 17, 2022]

…IG: @seedyedie
…Twitter: elleanhorn
…Facebook: facebook.com/seedy.edie

— WEBurlesque Podcast Nework is the creation of Viktor Devonne. Episode 152 call hook by Hank E Panky. Podcast artwork by Logan Laveau, WEBurlesque the Podcast cover art photography by Atticus Stevenson. Theme song, “On a 45” by This Way to the Egress, used with permission. Incidental music via pixabay.com under fair use. Visit weburlesquepodcast.com for notes on this and every episode. Follow @weburlesque and @viktordevonne on just about every platform, and support the podcast via patreon.com/weburlesque or via Venmo @Viktor-Devonne. Don’t got the cash? Please follow, subscribe, and give 5 stars on every platform you can get your hands on. It really does help. All original material is owned by Viktor Devonne and White Elephant Burlesque Corporation; all other materials property of their respective copyright. No infringement, while likely, is intended.

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