SHOWcase: Ghosts of Weimar Past feat. Artemisia LeFay

28 minutes

Released: March 10, 2022
Recorded: March 4, 2022


WEBurlesque: SHOWcase ep. 2 feat. Artemisia LeFay and GHOSTS OF WEIMAR PAST

Viktor Devonne sits with chanteuse-producer Artmesia LeFay to discuss the next incarnation of her original 4-person show Ghosts of Weimar Past, echoing the queer Berlin cabarets of the 1920s. This production features the Orchestra of the Depraved: Mary Spencer Knapp on accordion, Hannah Mount on piano, and Tiffany Weiss on violin, in addition to LeFay’s vocal prowess and original script interwoven with era-specific songs from composers from Spoliansky to Weill.

Tickets and more for Ghosts of Weimar Past:

Ms. LeFay can also be found at @ArtemisiaLeFay on Instagram and

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