142. And Standing In for Bastard Keith, Abe Goldfarb

1 hour, 35 minutes

Released: August 23, 2021
Recorded: July 22, 2021



Abe Goldfarb is known to burlesque circles as a talented host, Bastard Keith, regularly seen at New York City’s Slipper Room and festivals all over town; however, he is also an accomplished voice over actor (Pokemon! The Jungle Book! Strangeland!), film director (The Horror at Gallery Kay), and stage performer (Broadway’s Beetlejuice, Off-Broadway’s Bunnicula and Threepenny Opera!)  He’s got so much going on, somehow he found an hour and a half to talk about all this and more with Viktor Devonne, who got over his stagecrush just long enough to hear about his exploits!

– this episode was recorded on August 22, 2021 | call hook: @sirgogogadget

– Hosted by Viktor Devonne, reigning Mr Hollywood Burlesque, and celebrating 15 years in burlesque.  White Elephant Burlesque recently closed a five year residency in Manhattan, and continues to produce White Elephant Burlesque virtually. Visit weburlesque.com for details.

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