Bonus Episodes · WE-Boo-lesque

WE-Boo-lesque No. 7 – The Stagecoach House

Burlesque Ghost Stories, a special bonus episode of WEBurlesque the Podcast, hosted by Viktor Devonne

37 minutes

Released: October 14, 2020
Recorded: October 7, 10, 11, 2020


In this edition:

a) The Stagecoach House

Luscious Lane is a New York burlesque performer, frequently seen with Les Femmes Fatales. A burlesque dancer and a baker, she seems to live in a home with substantial paranormal activity.

b) Library Ghost

Isobel Valo is a Boston burlesque performer. Seen solo and as a supporting cast member of Rogue Burlesque Isobel describes herself as “Part Viking, part librarian, and all goth.”

c) The Rooster

Eyrie Twilight is producer of the occult and witchcraft themed burlesque show Hexwork, which tours DC, Pennsylvania, NJ, and beyond. She admits her spiritual visitations tend to be on the more rurally domesticated side.


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