WE-Boo-lesque No. 2 – The Man in the Top Hat

Burlesque Ghost Stories, a special bonus episode of WEBurlesque the Podcast, hosted by Viktor Devonne

45 minutes

Released: September 9, 2020
Recorded: August 26, August 27, August 30, 2020


In this edition:

a) The Old Woman in the Mirror / The Man in the Top Hat
Noctua has been known to stages as “The Empathy Smackdown of Drag and Burlesque” while living in New York City. Back before the wigs, the eyelashes, and the heels, they experienced two silent figures in their grandmother’s Brooklyn home. While these visions are shared experiences by others in their own homes, we have only just begun comparing notes to discover the commanalities of our visitations.

b) The Unphotographable Forest
From the city of angels, she is dubbed the “existential party girl of burlesque.” Seraphina Wilder, known for “legs so long it’s gotta be a sin,” has performed nationwide as an experienced and unique burlesque dance. Before she took on nerdlesque, and work as a DJ, she had a unexplainable experience alone in the woods.

c) The Lady on Fire 
Incorporating song, dance, drag, and gender exploration, Satine S’Allumer has appeared on stages from Philadelphia to Brisbane to New York City. Long before they were burning up stages, they had connections with the supernatural—and they would follow Satine for years to come.


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