WE-Boo-lesque No. 1 – Ghost In the Strip Club

Burlesque Ghost Stories, a special bonus episode of WEBurlesque the Podcast, hosted by Viktor Devonne

38 minutes

Released: September 2, 2020
Recorded: August 18 & August 22, 2020


In this edition:

a) Ghost in the Strip Club
Maggie McMuffin is a professional performing artist who holds a BFA in Theatre from the University of Montana and combines her theatrical training with her experience as a professional sex worker.  Her skills as a clown, sketch, and physical comedian have enabled her to create memorable characters for ambient performances in burlesque, cabaret, and as a go go dancer.  Before she came to new York city, she was a stripper in Missula in 2012.  This is her story.

b) Haunted Hallway in Bosnia
JZ Bich says they erupted from the malting Balkans and was washed on the shores of the New York City  to become one of its night creatures.  They have been performing in NYC for over a decade, as well as nationally and internationally.  For 11 years, jz was a producer and a host of HyperGender Caburlesque the influential monthly, post neo burlesque show.  While living in Bosnia in the mid-90s, they had an experience.

c) The Rotting Hand
Dewie Decimator is an entertainer currently living in Massachusetts.  Long before she joined Rogue Burlesque and became, as she refers to herself, Boston’s worst drag king, she grew up in New Haven, Connecticut and had this terrifying experience.


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