Season 1

#12: Both Sides Now, with Petra Fried

12petra1 hour, 46 minutes
Released: April 9, 2018
Recorded: February 18, 2018




  • sure enough in March of 2018, WEBurlesque in fact cancelled the show twice due to weather.
  • Viktor totally calls it a “return to Saturn” repeatedly. Whoops.
  • watch Bea Arthur on Graham Norton here:
  • “Ebbtide” means the period between high tide and low tide during which water flows away from the shore, according to the American Heritage Dictionary.
  • Indeed, Debbie Reynolds plays Truby in “There Goes the Bride” – not to be confused with Trudy, from “From Death Do We Volley,” who was played by Ann Francis.
  • We quote “Just Between Friends,” Bea Arthur’s one woman show a lot, which is available on CD and digital at Amazon:


  • Intro and Outro Music: “On A 45” by This Way to the Egress – used with permission.
  • Interlude Music: “Doobly Doo” by Kevin MacLeod (; Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License;
  • Photo by Petra Fried by Atticus Media Productions
  • everything else (c) White Elephant Burlesque Corp

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