Bonus: Lillian Bustle is CENSORED

bonus-lillian42 minutes
Released: April 5, 2018
Recorded: April 2, 2018




Update from Lillian (4/5/2018): “On Monday, April 9th, 5:30 at City Hall, there’s a Council Caucus meeting. The public doesn’t speak at that, but James Solomon will be asking some questions about #Burlesquegate, and I’ll be in attendance. I’d love some company! We can meet outside city hall at 5:15… On Wednesday, April 11th, there is a City Council meeting where the public CAN speak! You can sign up for a 5 minute slot by calling the City Clerk’s office at (201) 547-5150 and telling them your name. That meeting is at 6 pm at City Hall. We can meet outside at 5:45… My five minutes will be about the value of the art of Burlesque, and the value that my shows bring to the community. I cannot tell you what to say if you choose to speak, but I hope you make your voice heard… […] I’m also working on a letter a to Steven Fulop and will post it here when I’m done. If I don’t hear back from him my next step is contacting the NJACLU. If you’d like to write to Mayor Fulop, I also recommend cc’ing Mark Albiaz. Here are their emails: fulops at & malbiez at”


  • Intro and Outro Music: “On A 45” by This Way to the Egress – used with permission.
  • Photo of Lillian Bustle by David L. Byrd
  • everything else (c) White Elephant Burlesque Corp

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