#6: Friends Are Nice, with Cherry Valentine and Triple Jay

6cherrytriplejay1 hour, 34 minutes
Released: February 26, 2018
Recorded: February 3, 2018

On this episode of WEBurlesque The Podcast, Viktor meets up with his close friends Cherry Valentine and Triple Jay, super nerds and performing members of Cosplay Burlesque.


Getting geeky straight out of the gate, Cherry and Triple Jay begin the show by talking about the very first fandoms they ever got into: “Batman,” says Cherry, “I had the original Tim Burton movie when I was younger, and I used to watch it all the time, used to play pretend as Vickie Vale from the movies, that was my thing.”

For Triple Jay, “The first one I can really recall being into was Power Rangers…And I remember VR Troopers was on at the same time, and I actually liked that better but nobody else did so I never really got to dive into that… That was about the only mainstream show my parents did let me watch and I’m not sure why.”

Next, both performers reminisce about their youths and how that shaped them into the people they are today:  Says Cherry Valentine,  “I was a weirdo. Like I never really fit with any sort of clique…It wasn’t until my [young adult] years when I started becoming friends with the artsy people … I really don’t come from a very artsy creative family and they’re not even that nerdy so a lot of my nerdom came a lot later in life…I think because that’s where my niche lies, and I had a family that didn’t understand that.”

Triple Jays says “I definitely hung out with the artsy kids though I wasn’t really that artsy…or maybe I wanted to be but wasn’t very good at it. So, whenever we did something where you had to audition, I never got picked but I still tried to be involved which is how I ended up doing theatre tech for quite awhile because you didn’t have to audition for that. And I had and still have pretty bad stage fright.”

Then, the group dives into the difference between cosplay burlesque in specific versus more generalized nerdlesque and what the philosophy of their troupe is:  “I guess what we […] generally try to do with Cosplay Burlesque,” says Triple Jay,  “is rather than just take off this costume that you put on, is to [imagine] what would the character do if they were on stage taking their clothes off in front of you.”

Cherry Valentine adds, “We come up with ideas on our own…and sometimes it is a crap shoot, you don’t know if the audience is going to react well to it. But usually, even if they don’t get it, because it’s something nerdy they end up appreciating it anyway.”

From there, they talk about their experiences as burlesque performers and what it’s like to struggle when you aren’t necessarily a part of “mainstream” burlesque and how sometimes you didn’t even mean to start performing in the first place:  “Because not every show wants cosplay burlesque or nerdlesque,” says Cherry, and because that is the majority of what my repertoire is, I don’t have a lot of non-cosplay to show.”

“I never really intended to become a burlesque performer,” says Triple Jay, “I got involved with Cosplay Burlesque because Esmerelda May was involved with Cosplay Burlesque. So, I would go with her to shows and if Holly needed a go-fer person… I volunteered… and then they needed a kitten one time and they needed a host…I was there, and I just fell backwards into being on stage…I never intended to end up like this.”

Esmerelda May shows up for the last part of the podcast, the gang has a roundtable discussion where they decide that Batman is better than just about every other superhero in the DC universe, and they all reveal which musical is their favorite:

C: “My favorite musical of all time is Phantom of The Opera…everyone is allowed to judge me that’s totally fine. It’s nostalgia. It has a special place.”

TJ: “I love Ragtime. I saw it on tour a year and a half ago and that was the first time I had seen it professionally done.”

Esmerelda May: “I think I’m gonna have to go with Gypsy just cause it’s what made me interested in burlesque itself and who I am today. But really what got me to go to college for theatre and the reason I met Triple Jay was honestly Wicked because I have an unhealthy obsession with Idina Menzel.”



  • Synopsis written by Raina Sinclair for WEBurlesque
  • Intro and Outro Music: “On A 45” by This Way to the Egress – used with permission.
  • Interlude Music: “Professor Umlaut” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com); Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License; http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
  • photo of Triple Jay and Cherry Valentine by Atticus Media Productions
  • everything else (c) White Elephant Burlesque Corp

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